EK, Belford Burn PUBLIC EXHIBITION May 2013 Bell View, Belford



Energiekontor, the Belford Burn wind farm developer are having a PUBLIC EXHIBITON on THURSDAY 9 MAY  5 pm to 8. 30 pm at BELL VIEW.

Bell View is on the south side of West Street , Belford.

                                                                                                 We need as many people as possible to come and express their concerns. We have all seen the turbines being erected a few miles south at Middlemoor and Wandylaw. Energiekontor intend to put up similar but slightly shorter ones on the hills a few hundred metres to the west of Belford. As you can see from our artists impressions they will tower over village and blight the landscape.

The exhibition is something they are expected to do and it demonstrates that they are connecting with us natives. The fact that they totally disregard our opinions is a measure of their arrogance. They have also given little warning of it and very short notice. Perhaps this is a measure of the contempt they have for us!

We will conduct an exit poll to show Northumberland County Council what people really think. This helps them decide which way to vote when the planning application goes in which will probably be soon after the exhibition.


At the exhibition it will be your last chance to meet the developers or their stooges and express your opinion. You can quiz them about things such as television reception and broadband reception. The BBC on its website claims 146  houses will be affected, will it be yours?

 ( www.bbc.co.uk/feedback/ ) you may have to hunt about for it and they won’t tell you if your house is one of the affected ones.


It is most important that people come and be counted. If you can’t come on Thursday the exhibition will still be there but unattended on Friday 10 May 9 am to 4 pm, Monday 13 May 9am to 5pm, Tuesday 14 May 9 am to 5pm.


There has not been much to report about Air Farmers and Middleton Burn wind farm. They might be about to do the same or possibly go straight to planning if so we hope you will be prepared to take up pen and paper and write to the county council to express your opinion. The members of the committee are working hard on your behalf to keep OUR landscape how WE wish it to remain.

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