MBAG Second AGM Held on Friday 21st February 2014

At the AGM, MBAG Chairman Chris Craddock updated those assembled with his annual report and highlighted the following:-

  • Energiekontor applied for planning permission for nine turbines at Belford Burn in June 2013.
  • MBAG subsequently submited a detailed response objecting to the scheme.
  • Energiekontor successfully appealed the decision by Northumberland County Council to refuse planning permission for a meteorogical mast at Belford Burn -the mast has now been erected.
  • August 2013 – a public protest march was held in Belford which attracted over 250 people who opposed the windfarm scheme.
  • November 2013 Northumberland County Council hosted a public meeting at Belford First School about the Energiekontor proposal where the overwhelming majority of those present objected to scheme.
  • Northumberland County Council has requested further information from Energiekontor about the development -until that further information is received it is understood that a decision about the proposal will not be made by the Council.
  • Northumberland County Council will make public the additional information from Energiekontor – members of the public will have three weeks to comment upon this additional information via the County Council’s planning pages (details below).
  • It is anticipated that after the receipt of the additional information from Energiekontor there will be a site visit by members of the Planning Committee who will subsequently decide whether to approve or refuse the application.
  • It is understood that Air Farmers Limited will submit a full planning application in the near future in respect of the development at Middleton Burn. Members of the public should be aware that following this anticipated application they will again have the opportunity to comment upon the proposals via Northumberand County Councils’ Planning webpages.

The Chairman’s Annual Report can be found here: PDF file download.

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