Third Public Exhibition on Middleton Burn Proposal

Middleton Burn Ltd held a third public exhibition for their proposal, at Belford Community Club on Thursday 30th October.

Following the developer’s refusal to allow us on the premises, we set up our “Gazebo” outside the club and carried out an opinion poll throughout the day. The weather was kind to us and, fortunately, there was NO WIND!!

The turnout was much greater than we (or, we think, Middleton Burn Ltd) expected. The result was as follows:-

FOR 1.4%

That represents an increase of 3.1% in opposition compared to their last public exhibition. We have now covered 6 exhibitions in total for Belford Burn and Middleton Burn proposals, over the last 3 years. In total the average percentage opposed to their plans is 97.5%. If the new planning guidelines on community opinion are followed then this appalling proposal must be refused on the same grounds as Belford Burn.

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