There are currently two proposals by two separate developers. Click to see the developers of BELFORD BURN                            


Air Farmers Ltd is a small, private company with an accommodation address in London. It was formed in 2008. It has no record of having any previous experience in wind farm development or operation.

The company have recently rewritten their website in an attempt to ‘greenwash’ their image; there is no evidence presented of their Green credentials.

Their website fails to provide any information on their projects, their financial backers, their directors or their business history.

Air Farmers have formed a limited liability company to progress the proposal (Middleton Burn Ltd). The chief shareholder and director, Jens Rasmussen, is a Danish national based in London with, as far as anyone has been able to find out, a background in offshore  oil and gas companies. He holds directorships in a number of other companies, none of which seem to have any connection with renewables.

Herr Rasmussen has refused to give any assurances that MBL would develop a consented scheme at Middleton Burn rather than selling it on to the highest bidder.

Interestingly, Dong, the state-owned energy company and the largest developer of wind farms in Denmark, has announced that it is not developing further onshore wind farms because of public opposition to large turbines. It is now concentrating on offshore development (read more here).